Social Media Marketing : don’t miss the boat (again)!

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#SocialMediaMarketing: It’s here to stay, and it’s not too late to get ahead of the curve

If you are trying to convince your boss or supervisor that Social Media Marketing for small businesses works, Sam Lowe has some advice for you. In his article (1/15/14) 4 Ridiculous Arguments Against Social Media Marketing, Lowe says log into Linkedin, type in a keyword for your industry and show your boss the results. Choose a company and explore the posts. Your boss will quickly notice that your competitors and customers are conversing within the space and the responses to the discussions are not frivolous.

Then, as Lowe suggests, go to the Pew Research Center’s study and…

…show your boss the following facts:

  • 71% of online adults use Facebook
  • 18% of online adults use Twitter
  • 17% use Instagram
  • 21% use Pinterest
  • 22% use LinkedIn

From there, go to the article written by Steven White that shows the dramatic growth of social media from 2006 to 2012. These facts are amazing and it is still evolving! Facebook has gone from well under 200,000,000 to over 1,000,000,000. Twitter took off in 2009 and now reaches over 500,000,000. Putting a lot of numbers here is a boring read, so check it out for yourself. There are facts covering Google+, WordPress, and Tumblr growth as well in a chart that includes them all.

If The next link that Lowe provided is to the chance to download the State of Inbound Marketing 2013 report. If you are out to get all the data you can, go for it!

For a change of pace, Amanda Sibley wrote an article, How SMBs Use Social Media: 15 Stats You Should Know (2/24/14), in which she has 15 stats showing how small and medium-sized businesses are using social media. The data was collected during a survey conducted by Linkedin in November of 2013 that included one thousand North American companies.

A few stats you should know about social media:

  • 8 out of 10 small to medium sized businesses use social media for their business to drive growth
  • 94% of SMBs who use social media use it for marketing
  • 49% of SMBs use social media for learning, specifically to access a network of peers and to learn from industry experts
  • 82% of SMBs in “hyper growth” (significant increase in revenue YoY) say that social media is effective for generating leads

These are quite impressive numbers, no matter how you look at them. Social marketing is not a fad, nor is social media  only for pimple-faced tweens. Businesses are actively involved in researching, conversing, and networking on the social web.

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