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Leverage your Content Marketing with White Papers

Ever wonder how you can get the most out of your content marketing? We have three suggestions you can use to enhance your efforts through inbound marketing strategies, and all of them involve one key element: white papers.

The first question that begs an answer is this: “What is a white paper?” Simply, a white paper is a relatively short document (usually no more than 50 pages) written to answer a question or help solve a problem. Your company creates the content in the white paper to market your business, generate leads, and close sales.

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Does Inbound Marketing Offer a Better Return on Investment (ROI)?

In today’s world of online marketing, businesses use various forms of content marketing to create brand awareness and attract new business. Some stick to traditional outbound marketing in an attempt to find new customers. Others have adopted different inbound marketing techniques in order to earn the attention of customers by providing useful information and making the company easy to find online. Even though a combination of both techniques will allow you to reach more people, let’s look at some reasons why inbound marketing offers a better return on investment.

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Primer on Native Mobile App Development – taking your business mobile

Have you noticed the number of people getting their news and information from their mobile phones?  If you are a business, you cannot afford to be left behind from the mobile world.  You need to create a mobile phone app for your business to stay engaged with the billions of mobile phone users.  Have you considered the benefits of mobile app development?  Do you know that there are different platforms for app development? Before you begin building an app, consider whether you want an HTML based application or a native mobile app.

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Social Media Marketing: How to reach Millennials On Twitter

It is questionable if Millenials has shaped the modern day digital world or it is their characteristics that have lead to the evolution of social media. Either way Millennials make up the largest segment of social media world, and is a demographic that is getting a lot of attention as of late. The cornerstone of social media marketing is now focused on this particular demographic. To be able to reach them, you must first know what makes them tick.

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Social Media Marketing: The New Online Frontier

The final frontier in marketing is perhaps social media marketing. Though still in their infancy, social media websites are having a larger impact on marketing than perhaps any other medium in quite a long time. Learning how to market well via social media outlets is a skill worth socking away for the long run.

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The Waiting Game of Content Marketing

You have something to say and the world needs to know! You are ready to get up on your soap box and announce to anyone who will listen who you are and what you are all about. The only problem? Perhaps you are not reaching the audience that you have desired. In other words, no one is listening. This can, however, be reversed with some well-planned and well-timed inbound marketing.

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#SocialMediaMarketing: Teach an Old Blog New Tricks

The world today is much more technological than it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. With the invention of email, blogs and social networks, there is very little need for in-person marketing. Though it started out small, social media marketing has come a long way since it was first introduced. Little did everyone know at the time that it would soon be one of the most prevalent and effective marketing techniques. Unfortunately, however, it is still overlooked by many companies and even entire industries. To avoid joining the Dodo Bird, companies must be willing to toss aside their old way of marketing and embrace the new business blogging  and #SocialMediaMarketing.

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Differences Between Content Marketing for the Internet and for Print

Often when businesses are setting up websites, blogs, and social media pages, they expect that the writing that fills these pages will be similar to the writing they put out in print.  However, writing for the internet is a whole different ball of wax.  At first,  internet writing may seems too short and to-the-point, without any meat to it.  It may seem as though not too much thought goes into this type of writing. However it is quite the contrary, and such writting is very useful in content marketing? 

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Four Things To Consider in the Early Stages of Website ReDesign

Anyone who has ever painted fresh wood without applying a primer coat first knows the disappointment of having their beautiful paint job peel after just a few weeks or months. Well, just like painting, designing or redesigning a website requires proper preparation if it’s to perform well. You can have the best written, most informative content in the world, but if it’s published on a poorly designed site, it’ll all be for naught.

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Measuring Your Content Marketing Success

As traditional marketing continues to decrease in effectiveness with audiences tuning out TV commercials, mass mailers and cold calls, Content Marketing continues to grow in importance. And rightfully so as content ranging from eBooks to white papers not only helps present your brand as an expert in your industry but also significantly increases the rank assigned to your website by search engines. The result is more website views, greater exposure, and ultimately more business.

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5 Awesome WordPress Plugins to add to your Utility Belt

One of the great benefits of using WordPress for your content marketing is the numerous plugins that are available. Regardless of your niche, there is something here for you. plugins are a fast and easy way to add valuable content and tools to keep your site running smoothly and your audience engaged. Here we have a compiled a list of 5 great plugins you should check out today.

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5 Reasons A WordPress Website May Be Better For Your Business

You may be familiar with WordPress as a blogging platform, but it has evolved into far more than that. WordPress has become a complete content management system (CMS) that makes web design easier to manage and organize. It also offers the capability to better optimize your web content to improve search results. Let’s review five reasons a WordPress website may be better for your business.

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How to Use Your Email Signature to Extend Your Inbound Marketing

There’s a lot of talk about how social media and Inbound Marketing will come and go. Email, on the other hand, is here to stay. So, why not leverage this highly used form of communication to drive connections and sales? Your email signature is a great place to extend your message. It’s the “PS” to your message that’s attached to each and every email you send.  

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Boost Your Social Media Presence with Effective Content Creation

Social media seems to be all the rage these days. It offers a great way to network with and find new friends, to share pictures of your newborn, or to tell the world about your latest break-up.  But, social media is also a way for companies to sell their products and services.  Unfortunately, far too many businesses still haven’t jumped in, and for a variety of reasons.

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What to Know For Your First Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media marketing is imperative in today’s technologically fast-paced world. It is a way to speak to millions more clients than was previously realizable. Internet marketing strategies abound, but the most trenchant are those that unite and engage your customers with a gift of value. It isn’t an easy task, so keep in mind some simple tips to make the most out of your first online marketing campaign.

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3 Content Marketing Strategies You Probably Haven’t Considered Before

It’s no secret that content marketing has grown substantially in the last few years. However, the methods for reaching your target audience continue to change on a regular basis. Whether or not you’re a stranger to content marketing techniques, it’s important to investigate the newest trends and strategies so that you can be sure you’re always at the top of the content marketing game.

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Content Marketing Strategies for an Exceptional Experience

Although you can apply a content marketing strategy in the offline world, content marketing is commonly understood to be the creation, editing, and publishing of content to an online audience. Any type of business can benefit from a content strategy to provide an exceptional experience for it’s viewers and customers online. There are some guidelines you can follow to really make the most of your content marketing strategy.

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Building Inbound Links with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing thrives on getting links to grow traffic, be it through inbound links, outbound links, or internal links. But what makes inbound links the most sought after links?

An inbound link is a link to your website from another website. It might come from a blog post, product review, LinkedIn discussion, or any other such referral source. The more the number of inbound links to your website, the better you rank in search engines. But, this comes with a catch. The search engines do not treat all the inbound links in the same way. To rank higher in search engines, the inbound link must come from a high quality and a high authority site.

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10 Inbound Marketing Myths Busted

Any business interested in creating a web presence should be aware of inbound marketing and have an approach that best fits the demographic of customers. Inbound marketing has the potential to be successful for anyone but is often met with hesitation. Here are 10 myths busted to help you with your online growth:

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Content Marketing That Pleases Consumers And Search Engines

Web content writers seem to be in quite a dilemma nowadays when it comes to the creation of high quality content. They are faced with the challenge of writing content that the average person will want to read and share while at the same time delivering content that can rank well in the search engines. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can design a content marketing strategy to please customers and search engines.

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Designing A Content Marketing Strategy To Deliver Memorable Content

Even though content marketing can be applied to the offline world, it is commonly used in creating and publishing information to drive engagement online. The ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience for your audience. Let’s look at ways you can accomplish your business goals by designing a content marketing strategy to deliver memorable content.

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Effective #InboundMarketing Demands Quality Web Content

photo credit:  Beasly Direct

If your inbound marketing strategy begins with a well thought-out goal and definite plans to reach it, you will experience amazing results. In order for your blog or website to convince visitors to turn to you for a product or service, you must deliver something of value. Let’s look at ways to add value to your web real estate and how effective inbound marketing demands quality web content.

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Design An Inbound Marketing Strategy To Help More Customers Find You

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Inbound marketing will probably never totally replace traditional forms of advertising like direct mail, postcards, and other forms of outbound marketing. That being said, effective inbound marketing can certainly be a lot easier and less expensive. Let’s look at some ways you can design an inbound marketing strategy to help more customers find you.

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A CMS makes website development easier and more productive

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Why a Content Management System (CMS)

In the initial stages of website design, basic tools to maintain your website may work well. As the content of your site grows over time, so do the challenges of maintaining it. Many businesses ultimately have one or more people writing the content and another person (or other people) to implement the changes. It can get to the point where website development becomes very costly and inefficient. Let’s look at some of the ways a Content Management System (CMS) makes website development easier and more productive.

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New Solutions for Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is a relatively new phrase, which was born due to the fact that users are accessing websites from several different screen sizes on several different browsers. In the old days, computer monitors all had the same aspect ratio and there were only two serious browsers; Internet Explorer and Safari. Today, users may be accessing your site on their desktop or laptop computer, or on their tablet, phone, or eReader, and they could be viewing it on IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or something entirely obscure (no offense to obscure browser users). A mobile device screen can also be oriented in different directions for landscape and portrait views.

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5 Ways To Get More Followers On Your Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus offers many brand building opportunities for businesses of any size. As the second largest social platform, it has become a favorite of many businesses who place an emphasis on#socialmediamarketing. Now that your business page is up and running, your success will depend on the number of followers in your business circles. Let’s explore how to grow your followers on Google+.

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Social Media Marketing : don’t miss the boat (again)!

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#SocialMediaMarketing: It’s here to stay, and it’s not too late to get ahead of the curve

If you are trying to convince your boss or supervisor that Social Media Marketing for small businesses works, Sam Lowe has some advice for you. In his article (1/15/14) 4 Ridiculous Arguments Against Social Media Marketing, Lowe says log into Linkedin, type in a keyword for your industry and show your boss the results. Choose a company and explore the posts. Your boss will quickly notice that your competitors and customers are conversing within the space and the responses to the discussions are not frivolous.

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How to Use #SocialMediaMarketing to Grow Your Small Business

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Social media marketing for small businesses

#SocialMediaMarketing is powerful tool that levels the playing field. In fact, a good percentage of small business owners are leveraging the power of social marketing to attract a bigger audience, build their brand, and grow exponentially — despite having a smaller marketing budget then the big boys. Social media marketing consists of several fundamental components, here’s a few basics to grow your business.

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3 Simple Steps To Effective Social Media Marketing

Social marketing offers both business owners and customers an experience that conventional advertising can’t—that of immediate feedback. A company relying on TV or radio commercials spends days and dollars in production and then has to wait for its quarterly reports to see if the efforts were worth it. With social media marketing, feedback from the target audience is almost instantaneous.

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10 Ways To Make Your Calls To Actions More Effective

Calls to action, or CTAs, are those little buttons you see everywhere on almost every website that help convert visitors to leads. You’re constantly being asked to “Follow us on Twitter!” or “Like our Facebook page!” They just kind of blend into the background most of the time. CTAs, however, can turn a browser into a buyer—or at least a potential sales lead—if you can keep them from simply becoming visual background noise. Here are ten things to keep in mind in order to make your CTAs loud and clear:

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Five Google Analytics basics

Many businesses put up a website and then don’t track its progress (set it and forget it). They feel their site will either succeed or fail, and there isn’t much they can do about it. However, if you use Google Analytics, you can increase your chances of success and make changes that will have an impact on your visitors.

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Breaking Inbound: What is Inbound Marketing?

To better understand inbound marketing, a good place to start is to review outbound marketing. Outbound is the old school way of marketing where you push out your message, interrupting people during their daily lives and hoping someone relevant is listening or watching. Examples are TV commercials, radio ads, billboards, cold calls, direct mail, mass emails, and other annoying forms of marketing that we all filter out now. Outbound is becoming extinct because it is costly and ineffective.

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In-house vs Outsource your Inbound Marketing

In-house vs Outsource

Many businesses now know that Inbound Marketing is a more reliable means to grow their sales, but believe that the only way to do so is to take on additional staff or seek out offshore freelancers for project work. It’s no surprise that the expense and risk of these options inspire hesitation.Outsourcing strategic planning to an agency is not only a viable, but a reliable and economical way to extend the value of your company.

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If Content is King, then WordPress is the Kingdom

If the proverb “Content is King” holds true, then a  Content Management System (CMS) is the kingdom. But why? Why is a CMS such a big deal, and is it really so important to use one  to build your website instead of a desktop tool?

Today’s search engines give priority to websites with an influx of new content.  If you’re resistant to adopting a CMS for your company website, you simply won’t succeed online.

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Does your site look nice on a mobile device? (say that thrice)

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, well, you can kiss at least 1-in-5 of your visitors goodbye. In fact, global tablet and smartphone traffic grew to compose 20 percent of all internet traffic in December 2013. With more and more people using their smartphones and tablets to do their web browsing, it’s critical that your website works well on all mobile devices as well as regular browsers.

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Social Proof, is it in the pudding?

What is Social Proof?

Chances are, you probably have experienced social proof yourself.  For example, have you ever seen a long line outside a nightclub and assumed that the club was popular? While in reality, the night club was probably empty. In fact, the nightclub bouncers often let people in at a slow rate to intentionally create a line outside the door and fabricate the illusion of popularity. Another example of social proof is how bars or cafes often place a few dollars in a tip jar to encourage tips.

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EM vs PX. Being Responsive

As we all know, there is a growing number of browsers, smart phones, tablets, internet TVs, etc… All of which will show your beautiful, newly designed, website differently. Each will have their own rendering engine and adapting your site to be “responsive” is a necessary skill that developers are having to add to their repertoire.

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